Plan Documents

Do Your Plan Documents Meet ERISA and IRS Requirements?

Plan documents are the fundamental building block for benefit plan compliance, since they formally establish the plan and notify plan participants of their rights and responsibilities.

Although many benefit plans rely on carrier booklets to act as the plan’s legal documents, carrier booklets often do not satisfy all of ERISA’s requirements.

As part of our plan document service, Macali Compliance Company can provide a Plan Document and a Summary Plan Description (SPD) for health and welfare plans to assist you with meeting the document requirements of ERISA and IRS Code Section 125.

We provide documents for a range of benefits including:

Wrap Plan Document and
SPD for consolidated or
stand-alone ERISA plans

Plan Document and
SPD for Section 125
Flexible Benefit Plans

Plan Document and
SPD for Section 105
Reimbursement Plans (HRAs)